"Matt Laforest of Laforest Creative is truly a gem! His designs are fresh and modern and beautiful He took the time to understand my artistic vision in order to integrate his design ideas with my work. The results were a wonderful series of single covers, an album cover and t-shirt design that blew me away and really helped my work stand out on social media. I highly recommend his work!"
- Kele Fleming (tinforest.com)
Hi, I'm Matt and I am a graphic designer based just outside Vancouver, BC in the Fraser Valley.  
As far back as I can remember, I've always been obsessed with album packaging. I'd spend hours engrossed in liner notes while listening to music.  As I began playing in bands, my appetite for anything to do with how the music and bands are presented grew.
One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was designing things for friends bands.  In 2016, I began Laforest Creative and decided to combine my two biggest passions; design and music.  I provide branding and creative services with a focus on music design, and I specialize in album art, music related merch and logo design.​
Thanks for stopping by.  I'm always open to new projects, so please get in touch at laforestcreativedesign@gmail.com
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